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The Fort Collins USBC Youth Bowling Association has league bowling available on Saturday mornings at Chippers Horsetooth Center.

Why Ask Why Pee Wees – Saturday at 9:30 a.m. (ages 4-8) Start Sept 11, 2021

Why Ask Why – Saturday at 9:30 a.m – 3 member teams (ages 8-18) starting Sept 11, 2021


Pee Wee League

Ages 4-8

2 games with bumpers

Junior League

Ages 8-17*

3 games – Saturdays

*Pee Wees under 8 can move up if they no longer need bumpers

*Youth must be no older than 17 at start of season to sign up.


There is a onetime annual registration fee of $10.00.

Weekly fee of $8.00 for Pee Wees and $11.00 for Junior’s. If you are absent a $2.00 prize fund payment is all that is due.

You must bowl 2/3 of the season to be eligible for individual awards and scholarships.

Sign up individually or make up a team of your friends. For more information, reach out to us or contact Roberta Martin directly at 970-222-1108 or

Why Youth Bowling?

There are several unique things about youth bowling that set it apart from other youth sports programs. Some of the reasons you might want to consider joining in on the fun.

  • Certified coaches provide instruction to help bowlers improve, all have Registered Volunteer Background clearance and Safe Sport Training.
  • Scholarship program for post high school tuition. Locally over $10,700 awarded last year.
  • Scores are handicapped so all players are on an equal basis regardless of age or skill.
  • Achievement awards program to recognize individual improvement.
  • League and tournament awards have division for boys and girls.
  • Season ending family banquet – awards night.
  • You can participate in fall or winter sports and bowl the rest of the year, no need to be shut out because of soccer, football etc. Late starts and time off are allowed.
  • Youth and youth/adult tournaments during the year for family fun.
  • No need to have bowling equipment – balls and shoes are provided by Chippers Lanes.